Find You Here

A few days ago my sweet nephew Caleb (6 months of preciousness) sent me Ellie Holcomb’s new album because I was texting with his mother about how much money I could make selling non-essential organs and I mentioned wanting her new album but didn’t have room in the budget.  So being a man, he decided … More Find You Here

Duped: A Guest Post by Carolyn Hill

I am so excited to announce a new series! I have been meeting with women over the past few weeks and asking (begging?) them to write a guest post for me. Enter Carolyn.
I am not even sure when I first met Carolyn. I do remember the first time I visited Woodland Hills she was leading worship and I could tell that she has a heart of worship like I had never seen before and her presence on the stage made you want to know her more because Jesus oozes out of here. She is beautiful inside and out, speaks truth with grace, and constantly building up those around her. … More Duped: A Guest Post by Carolyn Hill

Challenging Self-Care

With the start of a new year, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are flooding with ways people can make self-care a priority in their lives.  Self-care is the idea that a person can deal with the stresses of life with easy, practical habits.  Ways to practice self-care are simple: eat well, exercise, sleep eight hours a … More Challenging Self-Care

Fall Salad

I love food.  I really love good food that has lots of colors, textures, and flavors with fresh ingredients.  I love to cook.  I love to spend time the kitchen pairing flavors together to create something new.  I use olive oils in ice cream, ice cream in bread, and will try anything once just to say … More Fall Salad