A Man Who Loves Jesus

A few days ago I received a text from a girl I had the opportunity to do life with this past summer.  She is in college, makes me laugh, tells hilarious stories, and loves the Lord with a fierce boldness that I sometimes envy.  Her text and request was simple, “What should I look for in a guy?  I know the obvious is Jesus, but what else?”

I stared at her text for a while and started to rack my brain for a response that would adequately express my thoughts on the issue.  Now, I am not sure when I became the poster-child for single women but as long as it is my lot I will hopefully use it to point people to the Lord with truth.  My response was simple; “all I look for is loving Jesus.”

I really believe that loving Jesus is it.  I don’t mean someone who says they go to church,  has a quiet time every day, or says they are a Christian.  I don’t want someone who just says Jesus is the best part of life but someone who lives and breathes the fact the Jesus is life.  A man who loves the Lord, truly loves the Lord with all of his being will show Jesus to the world.  You will be able to see Jesus in him: see his teachable heart, see how he seeks reconciliation, see his passion for the Word.

Maybe I’m missing things on my list.  Maybe I should spend time in prayer and add a few things.  I am not even really sure what I would put on my list (okay, so maybe taller than me would be nice, not being a Raiders fan, and vision for his life but that still doesn’t hold a candle to loving the Lord).  Maybe I’m naive or idealistic, but I really think if someone loves Jesus, really truly loves and pursues Jesus with everything they have, that basically takes care of everything.

A man who loves Jesus is not perfect.  They may have mastered some areas of struggle, but still fight for freedom.  Loving Jesus is not about conquering sin once and for all, it is about the fight for grace and restoration and redemption.  The evidence of a man who loves Jesus is not found in conquering a specific sin struggle, but rather in his endurance in the fight.  A man who loves Jesus is not going to be perfect.  He will be broken, fighting a daily battle for grace but confident that Jesus has already won the war.  He will be easy to submit to because he is following Jesus.

Until that man comes along who loves Jesus more than he could ever love you: wait. Until the man comes along that will push you to the Cross; wait.  Until a man that leads you like Jesus or loves Jesus and will partner with you to glorify the Lord in ways you never could have imagined; wait. Wait until that man comes along, no matter how long it is.  Just wait.

Don’t settle for less than a man who loves Jesus, with his whole heart and whole being.  Remain steadfast.  Let the Lord do His work in your heart.  The work where He strips away the ugliness and makes it beautiful.  The heart work where you lay it down at the foot of the Cross and let Jesus take it up and redeem your story.  The work where you know that Jesus is enough. A woman who fears the Lord, is one who loves Jesus more than anything, pursues the Cross above all things, loves others unconditionally and serves those around her.  She is a woman who the Lord is going to use, no matter what.

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