Fall Salad

I love food.  I really love good food that has lots of colors, textures, and flavors with fresh ingredients.  I love to cook.  I love to spend time the kitchen pairing flavors together to create something new.  I use olive oils in ice cream, ice cream in bread, and will try anything once just to say I could do it (ie: cooking Lobster Summer 2015 that I ordered from Amazon).

Cooking lately has become a chore for me.  It is basically impossible to cook for one without eating the leftovers for nine years.   I am always looking for healthy, cheap meals that don’t take too much time. This is it. This dish is possibly the easiest dish you can make.  I don’t even know what you categorize it as. A salad maybe?  Nonetheless, it is colorful and full of flavor and simple to make.  It is healthy and pretty low cost.  I’m a fan.


Fall Salad?
2-3 sweet potatoes, diced
1 red or yellow onion, sliced
4ish cups of brussels sprouts (I used frozen because #smalltownprobs)

Marinade or Sauce:
1/3ish cups of maple syrup
1 TBSPish of cinnamon
A pinch of all spice
A pinch of nutmeg
A pinch of garlic salt

Fresh cranberries
Almonds or pecans (for the crunch factor)

I sliced the onions and threw them in my Dutch Oven.  I turned the stove on at low heat and allowed the onions to caramelize (I am convinced that there is no sorrow that cannot be healed by caramelized onions).
While they were cooking, I used my new Wusthof knife and I peeled and diced the sweet potatoes.  Once the onions were done, I tossed the sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts in the Dutch Oven along with them.

I mixed the sauce ingredients together and poured it over the “salad” and made sure every veggie was covered.  I threw the Dutch Oven in the oven at about 425F and cooked it for 30ish minutes.  Before I pulled it out, I added fresh cranberries and almonds to it and baked it for a few more minutes.  Pull it out and skip the plate, it’s much easier to eat straight from the Dutch Oven.

That’s it.  So ridiculously easy and delicious.
I am actually eating cold leftovers right now.

Happy Thanksgiving and Bon Appetit, my friends.

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