today is broken

I am currently sitting outside on my back deck at my favorite time of day.  The sun is starting to set and the temperature is cooling off.  In the distance,  I can hear campers worshipping and the town has quieted down for the evening.  I have the most faithful dog sitting at my feet and a cup of tea in my hand.  Yet, my heart aches.  It physically hurts as I sit in the silence.  In the silence,  I can sort out my thoughts.  I can gather the strength to move forward.

Today is broken.  Every day is broken but today the weight of the brokenness is heavy.  I am battling through issues in my heart I thought I had been set free from. I am watching as the world turns to hate and violence every chance we have.  I watch as some of my closest friends deal with infertility, a marriage crises, a potential cancer diagnosis, or a split-second decision that has altered their lives.  The world is in need of a Savior.  Now more than ever believers need to be a light.  Now more than ever we need to live in light of eternity

When I sat down tonight to write, I had the intentions to write about my summer job and passionately talk about how working in a camp kitchen changes and shapes who you are and how I strongly believe everyone should do it at least once.  I wanted to tell funny stories and mishaps.  I want to explain why Pancake Day stresses me out and why I don’t like grilling Philly Cheesesteaks or tell you how much butter I melted in one day.  I wanted to tell you how much I adore the girls I work with and how hard they make me laugh.  I wanted to share how working in a kitchen teaches you to be more like Jesus.

Today is not that day because the phone calls came and the news happened and it once again reminded me of brokenness.  It reminded me the world is not our home.  It reminded me what matters.  We are living in a war zone and eternity is hanging in the balance.  The war we are fighting is not again flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12), although it may not seem like it.  We are fighting an enemy who is grasping for control and seems like he is winning the battle, but we serve a God who has won the war.  We serve a God who has provided us armor and it is time to suit up (Ephesians 6:13-18).

God’s word is active.  It is powerful.  It is eternal (Hebrews 4:12)  It is not meant to be hung up on a gallery wall or printed on a t-shirt.  It is meant to be used as a weapon, a sword to fight the enemy.  The enemy keeps our focus on the temporal trials of the world; the things that seem insignificant or so significant we can’t stop thinking about them.  He tricks us into thinking that the present brokenness or the present trials look bigger than what awaits us in eternity.

There are far greater things happening around us than what we can see or even fathom. The world is painful and life hurts but everything will be okay because eternity is still ours because we have been chosen, predestined, redeemed, forgiven, and sealed in righteousness (Ephesians 1)  We have a joy that is waiting for us on the other side that we can’t begin to comprehend (2 Corinthians 4:17), we will spend eternity in the perfect presence of our Savior. The more we are captivated by what is eternal, the more bearable the world seems.

Life is but a breath but the hearts of man and the Word of God is eternal.  How is that going to change your perspective on the brokenness?  How are we as believers going to be a light in the chaos of our present circumstances?  How will we show the world that we are not shaken because our God reigns, and that He was still king even at the flood (Psalms 29:10)?  It starts and ends with Jesus.


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