Spring Days

I have never been someone who loves Spring. Spring has always been the bridge from holiday celebrations to summer dreams.  This year is different.  When Spring arrived, I felt like it was vital to my survival.  I needed spring for my well-being and to be reminded of hope.   This change of season was a reminder to just be and trust the process.  The darkness of winter melted away and the buds started appearing on the trees.  The Spring weather reminded me to take a deep breathe and rest in the fact that the Lord is making all things new.  At all times.

In seasons of change or discontentment, it is always my first instinct to run.  It is so alluring to me walk away and start over, which of course I have never actually done.  The Lord has been stirring and preparing my heart for change for the better half of the 2016.  It may have been that is a lot of change happening around me (#yearofthebabies) or that I was ready for something new but the Lord continually brought the idea to me of restoration to me.  There are days I don’t feel restored, I feel defeated, bitter or insecure.  But here are days where I feel the presence of the Lord so strongly, I can hardly bear it.  In both of those times, restoration is happening.  The Lord is cleaning and repairing my tattered spirit or He is reminding me of his sovereign grace.

I was spending some time in Psalms the other day and I ran across Psalms 23.  I hadn’t read it in a while and it hit me in a way I can’t even explain.  The words of David’s Psalm are so powerful.  So full of promises for our present and our future.  If you haven’t read Psalm 23 in a while, I encourage you to take a few minutes and look it up and focus on what David is saying. As the scared echo rings true, as I was reading in Psalms 23, ‘He restores my soul’ is the phrase that took my breathe away.  I have read this Psalm a thousand times over the course of my life as a believer but yesterday this phrase took me back.

God is restoring my soul.  It is written in present tense.  It is happening now.  It is not a one-time thing.

The Creator of the universe is restoring me daily.  He restores it as I enter into a new job, He restores it as I deal with insecurity and jealousy.  He restores it through community.  He restores it when I struggle through doubt.  He restores it though my hardest days and biggest failures and He restores it through my victories and joys.  His restoration is taking me from a broken vessel to the best version of who I am in Him.  He will never stop restoring my soul. And for that, I am thankful.

As I have been sorting through the mess of my emotions (I’m a self-proclaimed hot mess), the Lord has been bringing to light that I do not give thanks enough during the restoration process.  In the moments of winter, I feel that it will always be that way but in Eph. 5:20, Paul commands us to give thanks for ALL THINGS in the name of our Lord Jesus.  I was convicted that I often give thanks for the gifts, but not to the Giver.  His restoration of my soul may include hardships but is also includes blessings.  I should be daily giving thanks to the Giver because of who He is.

The grounds of my thanksgiving should be that God is good.  He is not good because of what He gives me.  He is good because of who He is. He is reason enough to be thankful in the winter seasons as well as the spring seasons.  He is making all things new at all times whether or not I see it. Season change and if I base my thankfulness on the gift, my emotional state will not be stable.  But if I base my thankfulness on who God is, my faith will be unwavering because in a world of chaos, God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  God is active and restoring me daily.  My cup overflows and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.



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