The Bowls are Full

I recently bought a beautiful set of dishes (okay, actually a set of cereal bowls and salad plates but to the untrained eye, it is a simply a set of colorful dishes).  I saved for about a year for them and thanks to my friend Dave (Ramsey) and my part-time job (the discount), I was able to bring them home last week where they belong.  They make me happy.  I’m utterly obsessed with them and can’t wait to add the matching dinner plates.


(aren’t they so pretty?)

As I was washing these bowls for the first time, I was struck with the idea that there is something so beautiful about these dishes because they represent so much more to me.  The bowls that are empty are those hard moments in life. Those moments where I feel abandoned, left behind, or in a dark place. The full bowls are all the other good moments I downsize when they should be highlighted.

Buying these dishes was more than just buying new dishes. It was about moving forward. It was deciding that I was fine. It was a conscious decision to start designing and creating a life I love even though it was not one I planned.

There is pain in the empty bowl and we have an enemy seeking to destroy. I so often focus on the empty bowl: the lack of a house to call my own, desires that have yet to be granted, financial strain, battles between my heart and mind that I feel shouldn’t be an issue anymore, comparison and doubt.  But right next to an empty bowl there is a bowl that is full and overflowing (and not just with ice cream), it is full with solid friends and family who love unconditionally, a teaching team that supports and encourages, a class of 1st graders who challenge how I think and inspire me to be better, a Lord who is faithful.

Jesus came to give us life and life to the full (John 10:10).  Oh how true that rings with my heart right now.
Some days feel empty and painful.  Some days are full of life and so much gratitude that I can hardly breathe.

He is so faithful in the little things even when I have a hard time believing He will be faithful in the big things.  God does what is for my good and for His glory.  God will do what it takes to show Hinself to my and out of that, out of that season is my greatest joy. I pray that my days are filled with focused on what is filling my bowl instead of what  I feel like is missing.

One thought on “The Bowls are Full

  1. You have great taste in dinnerware! I’m glad I came across your blog—this post was very encouraging, especially the line: “to start designing and creating a life I love even though it was not one I planned.” I am actually in a similar spot. I didn’t plan to be widowed in my 30s, and only in the last few months did I realize I wasn’t really living the life I wanted. I was just…waiting…as if moving forward and owning where I was at in life would mean that my situation would never change.

    It’s tough being aware of the “empty bowls” in our lives and waiting for them to be filled—if, indeed, they are ever to be filled—but God is good and he provides in his timing and out of his abundance. I tend to want him to stop the Jordan, first, before I’ll take a step beyond the shore, but he calls us to trust him and step out in faith and there is so much reward in doing that.


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