Broken Jars of Clay

I have never been so aware of my own weakness, brokenness, and need for the Gospel than I have lately. It is nothing I need encouragement about-the answer is to understand my weakness is to see Christ at the Cross in His fullness and surrender myself to it.  As I deepen my relationship with the Lord, … More Broken Jars of Clay

 A Steadfast Lord

There are so many thoughts that whirl around my mind-some rational and some irrational (and some of my dearest of friends are quick to lovingly point out the irrational spiral I find myself in more often than I care to admit). I have thoughts about the Lord’s sovereignty and His Faithfulness, His divine power and … More  A Steadfast Lord

Whatever it Takes.

Whatever it takes, Lord. That has always been my earnest prayer. Whatever it takes to become more like Him. Whatever it takes to bring others to Him and further His kingdom. Whatever it takes. No matter what. God is good, His plans are good, He works all things together for our good for His glory. … More Whatever it Takes.

Find You Here

A few days ago my sweet nephew Caleb (6 months of preciousness) sent me Ellie Holcomb’s new album because I was texting with his mother about how much money I could make selling non-essential organs and I mentioned wanting her new album but didn’t have room in the budget.  So being a man, he decided … More Find You Here